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In this modern age no body can deny the importance of plastics in the life of a person, whether it is in the domestic field or in the industrial applications. The saga of Pacific Plastic Industries goes back in the year 1973, when the company started manufacturing of plastic molded products. The company is well equipped with plastic injection molding machines/Blow Molding Machines and extrusion machines to cater the requirement of plastic molded products in different sectors.

The factory is equipped with qualified and well trained quality assurance personal, who would be closely working with our customers, to fully understand, anticipate and fulfil their evolving plastic products needs.

Our Product Application and Research Centre (PARC) would work closely with our customers to understand their needs better, to ensure prompt service with a constant endeavor to build a closer, more profitable partnership together. Our plastic products cater to almost every sector. Defence/Construction/Household utility/ Telecommunication /Transmission Agriculture/ Packaging /Garbage Handling /Electrical PVC Trunking/Clothes Hangers /Agriculture Pipes/Hotels/Industrial Packaging/Plastic Bags/ Sanitary Wares/Kitchen wares/Food Packaging/Promotional Gift Items.
Pacific Plastics is truly a one stop shop for plastic products in India for overseas buyers. Our experience in the field of plastic molding cater almost every sector and every consumer. Over the years, Pacific has built up a reputation of tailor made plastic products specializing in providing tailor-made solutions for specific applications form its vast range of products. Customer focused research, adapting developments and matching to its standards the production capabilities.

Customer focused research, adapting developments and matching to its standards the production capabilities.

The company is ready to take off business association with overseas buyers for their requirements of plastic molded products of various applications. The combination of our range of Plastic Products, based on internationally proven technology and commitment to customer value, provide us the ideal base to nurture a long term business relationship with our overseas customers.